Ine Twist offers various party options to suit your event.

You will find a short description here for the most popular party options.  As these may not suit every party, Ine is always happy to discuss your specific requirements and to custom build your ideal party.

Magic Showshow

Ine’s show is very interactive, and typically includes a warm up with games and music, a short comedy puppet show and next an interactive magic show. The children will be able to get involved either as assistants, or as a group throughout the show.

With a fabulous balance between action, comedy, magic and mystery, the children will have an amazing time watching and participating.

The show is suitable for ages 3+

Ideal for birthday parties, school fairs, corporate family events, …

Balloon Party

A Balloon Party will focus around making balloons for the children and entertaining them with jokes, stories, sound effects etc. in the process.

Ine would be able to make an endless variety of balloon models ranging from small models such as flowers, swords, dogs, cats, pigs, tigers, frogs, …. fabulous models such as Princesses, Olaf, giraffes, small dino’s, panda bears, sharks, magic wands, Spiderman, fancy swords, Ninja Turtles, Minions, monkeys on trees, fantasy hats,…. or extraordinary balloons such as giant unicorns, wearable space rockets, circus elephants, Pokemon, giant Octopi, detailed princesses, rainbow flowers, ginormous giraffes, a variety of dinosaurs, fabulous dragons, …  Even themed or seasonal models might be possible!file-28-07-2017-03-17-46.jpeg

This is not a sit-down show, and very free-flowing, but will keep the children entertained for hours whilst they watch the figures take shape and have a fabulous time playing with their balloons.

Ideal for a wide range of events, from private celebrations to public or community events, corporate parties, weddings, restaurant entertainment, ….

Magic and Balloons

A perfect combination!  When combining a Magic Show and Balloon Party (descriptions above), the sit down show will take place in the first 40 mins / 1 hour.  In between the show and balloons, it is optional to plan a few minutes to sing Happy Birthday / cut the cake.  This is then followed by balloon entertainment for the remainder of the party.

(Minimum duration 1,5hr to combine the show and balloons.)

The ideal worry-free package for birthday parties; sit back, relax, and watch as your children have an amazing time!

Walkabout entertainment

In stead of a sit down show, Ine can also offer family friendly close up entertainment.  This could include puppet greetings, walkabout magic and balloons.

Ideal for Weddings, Christenings, Festivals, …


Please contact Ine for a quote or further information.