Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION – How much time do you need to make balloons?

ANSWER – Now, there is no “one size fits all” answer to this – as it depends on what your expectations are of the balloon entertainment I will be delivering at your party or event. So, here are 3 options, but please feel free to let me know what your expectations are (or possibly what the party theme is) so that I can give you a custom-fit answer to this question.

>>> If you are looking to just have SMALL balloons like dogs, swords, frogs, little cats and a few other small models; I’ll be able to make you up to 30 (maybe a few more) in an hour.  The small balloons option is most popular in combination with a magic show, where the show is the main event – followed by fast / small balloons.
But, there is SO MUCH MORE to balloons than just balloon dogs and swords, so if you want the best of what I have to offer, I would highly recommend allowing some extra time;

>>> If you would like me to make AMAZING FUNSIZE balloons including princesses, superheroes, dinosaurs, magic wands, dragonflies, octopi, aliens and many more, consider at least 1 hour per approx. 12-15 children / guests. This option is very popular, great fun and is guaranteed to wow your guests with a wide range of choice, but if you want more still;

>>> It is possible to go ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, with giant giraffes, circus elephants, rainbow unicorns, large dragons, fabulous mermaids, wearable creations, and any crazy custom request you can think of… To go beyond fabulous, please allow at least an hour per 6-8 children/guests. More time, means more fabulous balloons. If you can think of it, I will try to make it!

QUESTION – Will everyone get a balloon?

ANSWER – The answer to this question will depend on the type/size of the event.

>>> For large/public events, it is not possible to guarantee balloons for all guests.  Ine will consider the volume of demand and time constraints of the booking, to recommend and agree with the client which types of balloon models will be made during the event.

>>> For smaller/private events, Ine highly recommends to allow sufficient time to make balloons for all the guests/children.  In this respect it is essential that the Client confirms in advance the number of guests/children expected to attend, so that the appropriate amount of time can be scheduled.   (It may be possible to arrange a number pre-made balloons, if the number of guests exceed what Ine Twist would be able to cater for in the amount of time available.)